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An Innovative Photo Experience

Marvel Adventure Lab: Welcome


The world of Photo Booths can have an air of stagnancy about it. At the same time, photo booths have an undeniable tradition and sentimental value.

At Apple Industries, I strive to combine the two to create exciting and cutting-edge experiences. With the recent Marvel partnership at Disney, the combination tradition and pop culture for this project became clear.

The outcome: a photo experience for Marvel fans of all ages. This machine attracts casual Marvel movie-going fans as well as Marvel collectors and enthusiasts. Customers walk away having had a fun experience with exciting graphics and cinema-esque sound quality, with a high res print of themselves superimposed with their favorite Marvel Characters.

My role at Apple Industries is not streamlined into one job title. I wear as many hats as needed in this very small company. For this project, I exercised many design disciplines including: User Experience and User Interface for the touch screen technology, Graphics for the Software team, and Video/Animation for the attract mode and various clips throughout the experience. I worked extensively with Software Development and Engineering, as well as another Junior Graphic Designer. I also worked directly with the Senior Marketing Director, CEO, and COO, as they were heavily excited about the outcome and involved in the process.

Marvel Adventure Lab: Text


The user experience of this project began with arcades and computer games in mind. These ideas became the classic end of the greater, more innovative, narrative. This influenced the graphics to be big and exciting...something to put a smile on the user's face. This was the first problem to solve: keep the graphics full of excitement and contrast while streamlining the interface for a more effortless experience.

The first prototype debut was IAAPA 2018. This also served as our first official test of the Marvel Adventure Lab. Based on the positive feedback and valuable critique, myself, R&D, and Marketing regrouped and explored more design options and user flows. 

The Marvel Adventure Lab is an ever evolving entity as new characters are released to us by Marvel for us to use. Now that the machine is out in the field, R&D is able to see and relay various issues or developments to me. I am swift and adaptable to any situation and deliver work in a punctual manner to them. 

Since IAAPA 2018, I have streamlined the information architecture to a much more concise and clear experience without losing the excitement that we had at the beginning of the project. To test this further, we have been on sites such as Malls and received very good feedback on the User Experience. At IAAPA 2019, we will feature four Marvel Adventure Labs.

Marvel Adventure Lab: Text


Apple Industries has not yet developed a proper project management system when it comes to technology. This combined with the overall excitement over this new idea lead to an influx of art direction and requests from many people. Having to edit my choices because of this definitely altered the outcome of the experience. As a result of this, my responsibilities as the creative professional was tested and I expanded my skills in communication and organization. A big responsibility of mine is to remind all parties of the bigger picture.

This project taught me some valuable lessons regarding teamwork, communication, and organization. As the more Senior Designer, I encouraged regular meetings to discuss the experience as much as possible. I believe that the more criticism that we provide for our own product, the better the outcome in the field. I also observed how others receive my ideas at their various states of completion, and learned how to articulate my ideas clearly based on these observations.

Marvel Adventure Lab: Text

Marvel Adventure Lab Flow

Marvel Adventure Lab: Video

Interface revision sample

Marvel Adventure Lab: Video


In addition to user and experience design, I am also responsible for all product outputs of the Marvel Adventure Lab. My goal is to create work that will put a smile on customers faces and guarantee they keep it forever. Below are some samples taken from the full archive of product outputs. I am constantly (and currently) creating new content with Marvel.

Marvel Adventure Lab: Text
Marvel Adventure Lab: Pro Gallery
Marvel Adventure Lab: Pro Gallery
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