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Communication and teamwork
Digital design
Print design
Adobe Suite

At Apple Industries, I am a jack-of-all-trades. I provide expertise in digital print and presentation design, advertising and email campaigns, and multimedia design in video and motion graphics. The position that I fill requires experience in typography and layout design and an overall mastery of composition. Working in a smaller company such as this, it is imperative that my skills are communicated clearly to my teammates who are often not in my department. I find it important to keep all those who are included in a project directly involved with the way the graphics are composed and created.

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Following the success of the Marvel Adventure Lab, in 2019 we took a comic approach to our product brochure. As a director of the project, I sourced a qualified comic artist and worked directly with them while writing and composing the graphics for each panel. The quick turnaround of only one month put my skills to the test. The result is a fully realized piece of comic culture mixed with the mission of Apple Industries. During the process, I composed all assets (besides the comic art) with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and fully exercised skills in Typography, Layout, Composition, Color, and Communication with my team both inside the company and out.

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Replay Magazine, Bowling Industry, Vending Times

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In-house graphics provided for booths manufacured by Apple Industries. Responsible for proposal graphics all the way to finalized print graphics

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Each booth has it's own unique experience. At the end of each experience is a unique product that customers can take home and cherish forever.

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